Friday, February 7, 2014

Yes, it's very atypical for me to put two posts up on one day but I wanted you to see some of what I am seeing as we start tearing out the wet materials...

 This is the baseboard in Jamison's room.  This is the opposite side of the house from the leak.  This will give you an idea of how far the water travelled.  Wow!  I just started three sentences in a row with the same word!  I'm just that tired...

Close up of the water damaged baseboards in Jamison's room.  The other side of this wall is Randy's closet in the south end of the master bathroom.

This shows the baseboards in the pantry.  We had hoped to save the travertine marble tiles on the floor of the kitchen but whatever the stuff is that had them stuck to the concrete has already released all around the edges - they have popped up.  You can see the water damage on the back wall - all of the sheetrock is saturated in here.

Around the corner from the pantry - this is what the baseboards look like in the kitchen.  They are all warping and pulled away from the wall.  This area is directly beneath the water leak.

As hard as he tried to preserve the tiles, they come popping up.

All of the woodwork in the kitchen is custom made.  This is the spice rack on the inside of the pantry door.  You can see where the seams are all separating.  This wood is warping from the water.

More of the seams on the pantry spice rack.

More water shows up as the shelves in the pantry come down.

All of the sheetrock on the inside is still wet.  This is after almost a week of water extraction equipment going constantly!

This is the wood in the bar area of the family room.  The crown molding is separating and warping as it dries and pulls away from the ceiling.

Water damaged baseboards as we pull up the carpet in the bar area. 

This is around the corner from the bar inside the living area.  You can see the corner of the grandfather clock in the right side of the picture.  The water was up pretty high in this area.

You can see the water line on the grandfather clock.  This clock is almost 21 years old - it was our first anniversary gift to each other!  Not an antique - but a treasure to us!  They tell us they can repair it.  I certainly hope that is true!

The cabinets in the kitchen are framed out in plywood.  They layers of wood are separating and fanning out as the wood dries.  You can see where the water streamed down on the inside of that cabinet door.

The sheetrock in the ceiling of the kitchen just crumbles to a doughy mess when Larry pulls it out.

This is just the beginning.  We have stopped all work until Monday.  That day will be absolutely crazy for us!  The furniture specialists are supposed to come to pick up the rest of the furniture that was damaged.  The furniture rental people and the internet people are coming to the apartment that morning.  The packing crew will be back to finish up the last bit of packing.  To give you an idea of what is going on:  with the exception of my sewing/craft studio and Melissa's bedroom and bathroom, the contents of our ENTIRE house is now either in storage or at one repair shop or the other for damage assessment and restoration.  Now that's the way to do spring cleaning!!
In the meantime, my classes are continuing and I am dragging back to the hotel to study and take exams or write papers.  I am hoping things will settle a bit in the coming days so we can gain some semblance of normal...thank you all for your well-wishes, thoughts and prayers.  They are all so needed and appreciated right now.

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