Sunday, September 14, 2008

More from Ike

I was locked in the hospital from Friday at 2PM until Sunday morning around 7. I tried hard to get home, but every route I tried was flooded. I finally turned around and went back to the hospital and a fabulous friend there drove me home in her big ole' truck! These are a few photos of what I found.

We are trying to just assess the damage and keep more from happening at this point. My brother-in-law is on his way from the Dallas area with relief supplies for us: food, bigger tarps, etc. He is planning to stay a day or two to help Randy with immediate needs.

My uncle and cousin are also making plans to come to help with other areas: they are bring stuff to move big piles of debris so we will be working on keeping them busy with disaster relief but are excited to get to see them. I think they will plan to help get us under protection from the rain as well. Randy has found a roofer that will come tomorrow to give us assessment of the damage and let us know how long it will be before he can get to us. It seems like the wait would be very long, but actually there are so very many in so much worse shape - they are all a LONG way from needing a roofer, so we should be able to get fixed up with a few weeks we think.

I have been called back to the hospital to work tonight as so many of the nurses are unable to get through the flood waters to work. They are predicting more rain tonight and tomorrow so we will just pray for the best...

Some of our roof - now we can see why the water is pouring in!
Lots of shingles are missing...
Our dear friends, John and Stephanie Rezac nabbed a roll of plastic for us. We used all of it and a tarp or two we had in the garage to cover the biggest holes. It won't last long, as the entire roof is damaged and leaky, but at least we won't drown in our beds! All the homes in our neighborhood have roof damage - notice bare wood in the second house down.
Ceiling starting to bulge in Brendan's room.

Ike comes to call!

Our backyard
More of the back - notice the water in the retention pond.
The shingles that WERE on the roof - now they litter the yard.
The paint in Melissa's bedroom is bubbled up with water behind it. This bubble is about the size of a saucer.The carpet in Melissa's bedroom is soaked.