Thursday, February 28, 2008

Only ten more weeks...and counting!

Okay, okay! I know I don't post often enough. I'm just ... busy, OK?

The end of school is drawing ever nearer for me and I am SO thrilled. In all they busyness of preparing for my graduation from nursing school (FINALLY - at long last!) I must pause every now and then and be thankful for the health of my family and the God that put within me a desire to become a nurse all those years ago - and for keeping that desire strong these many years.

My professors keep asking us if we have a job lined up at this time - I was feeling kind of like I was missing something. I had planned to apply for an internship in Labor and Delivery and the Newborn Nursery and really wanted to be at the Catholic hospital that is only three miles from our house. I had worked there a few years ago part time when I was working on my prerequsites and just love the atmosphere. It is a wonderful place to work and their mission statement is "to extend the healing hands of Jesus Christ". They ask you to sign a statement when you are hired there stating that "while being a Christian is not a requirement to work here, we do ask that you not interfere with our mission"! It is just awesome - I can share Jesus Christ with someone or pray for them out loud and not worry about getting sacked! There are no Nazarene hospitals in the states to my knowledge so I guess Catholic will have to do!

Anyway, today I got a call from the HR department there telling me that they were having a job fair this afternoon and if I wanted an internship I better be there! So I scrambled like crazy to find child care for my four blessings and raced to the hospital. It was actually a blast! My former boss immediately hugged me and squealed to see me - then took me over to the director of the L&D department and told HER that she needed me in her department! I had several people recognize me from when I had worked there before and it was totally cool to see everyone again. I hope to hear from the L&D director soon...

Tomorrow I am in ICU. This one is a difficult one for me. I can't talk about it because of HIPPA law, but unless the Lord intervenes, my patient will not live long - please help me pray for this man.

My pinning ceremony is May 9th
My cap & gown ceremony is May 17th
NCLEX-RN (state boards) are in June (pray!)