Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Extreme Makeover - Hays Home Edition

Finally some progress on our house! I am so excited to have most of the work done and be able to start putting things back together!
Formal dining room. For some reason I couldn't get the camera to shoot a clear shot of this room - maybe lighting? Anyway, it is a warm chocolate color with red accents.
The art niche as you walk past the staircase into the living room.

I have an antique sewing machine behind the sofa. Sofa is at a diagonal in front of the grandfather clock.
More Uppercase Living on the wall. The photos in the montage are from a trip to Galveston two years ago. The words say "Loved you yesterday, Love you still, Always have, always will."
The fireplace. I have a black wrought iron cross hanging by a black velvet ribbon over a mirror. I have the window treatments down and new ones in the works - I will post more photos as I get them taken. Next up: the kitchen!!