Friday, February 7, 2014

Please excuse what will likely turn out to be a long rant.  The rant of a frustrated woman!  It has been a very long week.  I think maybe the weeks I was on bed rest before child #3 (about 16 weeks) and child #4 (26 weeks) were longer but those weeks were a different kind of long.  And I will spare you the details of those weeks!  You are thanking me, trust me!  You will however, get details of this week.  Maybe more than you like, but this is my decompression chamber so I have to share with someone!  Thank you for reading!  
Still with me? asked for it!  This is my kitchen.  Okay, NOT my kitchen literally - those boxes contain the contents of my kitchen!  A crew arrived to pack up everything on Wednesday morning.
 They have very carefully taken a meticulous inventory of every item in each box.  While this looks very nice, I am worried about two things:  1.  Are any of the items in those boxes wet?  2.  WHO is going to put all this stuff BACK?!
 This is a ceramic pie dish that came out from under the BOTTOM cabinet.  Most things in this half of the kitchen are soaked and at least half full of water.  I may never use this food processor again.  I shudder to think what is in that water...

 This is what I get for leaving my Commanders Commendation laying on top of the fridge!  I you have a commander's commendation, please take it today to get it framed!  That's my public service announcement for the day.  You are welcome.
 Much of my music library is soaked.  Don't you just love what paper does when it's wet.  Every piece of this has to be documented on a personal property form.  I have music from the early part of last century here.  We are talking antiques, people!  How in the world will I ever sort out what is cost?  The front of the books say anywhere from $.54 to $1.25 but they are worth far more to me than that and I'm thinking it won't be that cheap to replace - if I can even find replacements!
This is a photo peeking into the cabinet above the fridge.  That box holds my "good silverware".  It is gold plated to hold my china...
 And the box will certainly never be the same!  Wonder where the rust came from?  This cabinet only contained glass vases and this box...weird!

This is just a small tip of the huge iceberg we have had sail into our home.  I won't bore you with more details or photos.  The contractors are still a constant stream in here.  They almost have the entire first floor packed up.  The first floor includes the kitchen, breakfast area, great room (I'm not kidding on that one - that room is 24 feel long and 18 or 20 feet wide!) wet bar,  (this is one thing I have hated since we moved in - it looks very "80s") master bedroom, master bath, Randy's closet, my closet, Jamison's bedroom (really the office but we needed it for a bedroom so it has had bedroom furniture in it pretty much since we moved in) and the formal dining room (we use this for a den).

The adjuster came back out yesterday to take more photos and assess more damage as we dig deeper. The contractor is supposed to come out today to start ripping out walls and cabinets.  This will be very tedious.  The insurance company has only given permission for us to tear out so far and then we have to document damage at that point and go back to get permission to go farther.  I understand this is a necessary process but it slows down the whole deal and it is VERY frustrating.  One issue we have had is the tear-out deal.  The contractor is reluctant to tear out until he gets permission from the insurance company.  The insurance company won't give permission to tear out until they know how much damage there is.  We won't know how much damage there is until we tear stuff out.  The contractor is reluctant to tear out until he gets permission from the insurance company.   It's a vicious cycle!!

I am past the shocked, numb, this-isn't-really happening stage and am in a very weepy stage.  Everything makes me cry.  A dear friend from Spring, Texas (about an hour away) drove all the way to Katy on Wednesday evening to bring dinner to us.  It was delicious and we were so grateful - it made me cry.  Thank you, Debbie!  One of the band mom's texted me to see what the band kids could do.  That made me cry.  Our church family has supported us beyond belief - rides to church events for the kids, offer of food and assistance.  Yep, you got it!  It made me cry!

Hopefully the weepy stage will be over soon.  I will update you again as I know more.  Prayers are greatly appreciated as we head into the next day.  Please pray particularly for the committee at the insurance adjuster's office in Omaha as they sit down to crunch numbers.  We want all of them to have a great day and be merciful!

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