Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our princess in Swan Lake

Melissa danced today in Swan Lake. She did a beautiful job and we were SO proud of her! These are pictures of her in her costume - she was a basket bearer in the royal court!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another long pause between postings - seems I am good at those! Our house has been in a total uproar for the last 6 weeks. We are frantically trying to finish all the repairs from our hurricaine visitor. I am going to post a few pics from what we have gotten done. This is the breakfast area at the end of our kitchen before:

And this is after. For some reason I am all into the warm colors! Most of my life I have always loved the cooler colors: blues and greens, but for some reason I am drawn to the warms now. I have taught myself to change the light fixtures out - we are getting rid of the old 80's lookin' stuff and after a friend and her husband came to help with this one over the table, I decided I could do it myself! I have changed the one over the sink (the lil' button glass globe is gone and a pendant to match this one over the table is gracing that spot now) and the one in the formal dining room - see pic below.
This is what the second floor game room looks like now . All the furniture from two bedrooms and the dining room are stuffed into the living room, game room and two other bedrooms. This leaves us with the kitchen and the master bedroom that are semi-normal - and our lives are decidedly NOT - normal, that is! I am frankly going NUTS with all this stuff to climb over, around, and through!

You can see here the new chandieler for the entryway sitting on the living room floor. Please notice my Edwardian wardrobe from England is stuffed in FRONT of the door leading to the garage! Also notice the piles of furniture piled in that room! My friend, Alane, came over the other day and with great determination and the assistance of some mountain climbing gear (not really - though she was wishing for it!) she climbed over the mountain to the piano to share her latest awesome song! Trust me when I say it was worth it to me - but I doubt it was to her! This house is truly a mess and I am SOOOOO ready for it to be back in place.
This is the formal dining room now. The flooring is not down yet - we are waiting on the insurance company to some some inspector things and send the money - but the walls, ceilings and new light fixtures are all done! I still need to paint the living room once the furniture is out. Also need another coat of paint in Melissa's room, need to paint Brendan's room and the master bath as well as the halls downstairs. We hope to have the new flooring done in the next few weeks - hardwoods downstairs and carpet upstairs. Ya'll wanna come help move furniture?